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We aspire to build a community that warmly embraces mental wellness, completely devoid of stigma and unfavourable negative perceptions. Our commitment lies in offering unwavering support and nurturing an environment characterized by benevolence, understanding, and empathy. We will create a culture where individuals will have the opportunity to prosper and bloom without any apprehension, fear or disgrace.

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Essence of DayaRani

Raise awareness and promote understanding through open conversations to help facilitate better mental health outcomes for communities.
Our aim is to assist individuals in uncovering their inner resilience, reconnecting with their authentic selves, and facilitating their own healing through therapy and skill-building.

To create a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes emotional stability and well-being within the community, especially youth.

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Why DayaRani?

To create awareness around Mental and Social wellness
Facilitate sustainable community ecosystem
Teach skills for emotional growth

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Need Help?

One to One Counselling

One to One Counselling

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Group Workshops

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